In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale BRAY Cover Art
SRP $29.99 2.40:1 DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO 5.1 FOX

FOX has released the latest "epic" from Director Uwe Boll, "IN THE NAME OF THE KING," on blu-ray. Boll deserved credit for continuing to get financing for his films. Most of his films aren't just bad, they're dreadful, so saying "IN THE NAME OF THE KING: A DUNGEON SEIGE TALE," is bad, is actually a compliment for him.  Loosely(very loosely)adapted from a video game, called "DUNGEON SEIGE," the opening act follows the game.  A simple farmer, named "FARMER" throws down his simple life and embarks on an adventure, involving sprites, sorcerers and all sorts of mythical creatures after his home is attacked by "Krugs," and his son is killed, his beautiful wife, Claire Forlani, kidnapped.  Boll has elected to steal as much of the look of "LORD OF THE RINGS," as his budget and limited capability allows, in presenting this "epic" journey, but it all comes across as any Boll film has, cheesy.  As much as this reviewer considers Burt Reynolds and under-rated actor, it's depressing to see him read his lines, obviously unhappy, as a King. Ray Liotta, another fine actor, does his best, intentionally going for camp, but "IN THE NAME OF THE KING" doesn't even work well as camp, because Boll never winks at the audience, as much as he tries to swindle them. Fox deserves credit for at least trying to amp up their Blu-ray releases as much as possible, and they've included the "unrated Director's cut" here. Unfortunately, for viewers, this means they have to suffer through an extra 40 minutes or so of even more padding upon padding, and horrible dialogue, to the completely inevitable, predictably bad conclusion. Well, maybe that's hard, because most viewers still awake may find themselves actually cheering at the end. But, it will only be because they'll be excited to find their viewing ordeal has finally ended.

FOX has provided the correct 2.40:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray release.  Notably brighter than its dvd counterpart, colors are rich throughout. However, contrast suffers in a few spots. Blacks aren't inky, and detail becomes lost in the darker scenes. Upon comparison to the 1080i HD satellite airings, detail is more impressive on blu-ray, although never up to the levels of FOX's other superior blu-ray releases. There are also some minor artifacts popping up sporadically during some of the faster motions scenes.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  It's an aggressive mix, but it's limited by effects that always feel manufactured and an atrocious score that, at times, overshadows the dialogue. Bass effects are ample.

FOX has included a director's commentary wherein he at least seems to be aware he's not overly gifted. A horrible featurette and deleted scenes, are also included.