Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour: Live in Concert Cover Art

Fans of Janet Jackson will want to get the EAGLE VISION dvd release of “THE VELVET ROPE TOUR”. A large portion of it filmed at Madison Square Garden, “THE VELVET ROPE TOUR” demonstrates why Ms. Jackson’s fan base is so dedicated and growing. In spite of her inner desire to shock and titilate, she certainly knows how to entertain. Almost every song featured here, are among her finest, and the dance numbers that accompany them are often breathtaking. As far as the aforementioned “titillation”, one particular scene involves Jackson pulling a member up from the audience, tying him down, and then sexually teasing him in a semi-tortuous manner. While there’s no nudity, her ever-changing costumes border between stripper and pornstar, and she’s not too shy to show off her rear and defined 6-pack abs.

The image is generally sharp, although there’s a fair share of grain throughout. Colors are often vibrant.

Unlike the previous dvd release of this concert via IMAGE, EAGLE VISION has included a DTS 5.1 mix this time. While the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix on the previous version and also included here, isn’t bad, it doesn’t stand up next to the range and clarity of the DTS mix. The DTS mix rocks! The definition is nearly unparalleled on any other concert dvd. Music tracks include the following: 1. Velvet Rope 2. If 3. You 4. Let’s Wait Awhile / Again 5.Control Medley a. Control b. The Pleasure Principle c. What Have You Done For Me Lately d. Nasty 6. Throb 7. Escapade Medley a. Escapade b. When I Think Of You c. Miss You Much d. Runaway e. Love Will Never Do (Without You) 8. Alright 9. I Get Lonely 10. Anytime, Anyplace 11. Rope Burn 12. Black Cat 13. What About 14. Rhythm Nation 15. Special 16. That’s The Way Love Goes 17. Got Til It’s Gone 18. Go Deep 19. Together Again