SRP $24.98 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 BUENA VISTA

When Jay and Silent Bob, characters from Kevin Smith's cult-classic, "CLERKS" learn that their creation is being made into a Hollywood film, without their permission, off to LA-LA land they go and incredible hilarity ensues.  While Smith's often crude humor is certainly not for everyone, there are plenty of jokes that work well here and film lovers should enjoy the homage to and spoofing of Hollywood mentality that's presented here.  Sure there are some really silly moments, but the scene spoofing "GOOD WILL HUNTING" alone, is worth watching this film for. It's that funny!

There are plenty of cameos throughout and Smith is one of the few directors that knew how to utilize Shannon Elizabeth's best assets in the best way possible, sticking to embracing her as a sex image, with a sweetness to her, but not pretending she needs a meatier role to prove something. It pays off, and she along with most of the cast, are great with what they've been given.

An awkward choice for BUENA VISTA to select as a "BLU-RAY" debut, Kevin Smith can never be accused of having a great eye.(See "CHASING AMY") But, the image here certainly is an improvement over the standard dvd.  While colors are terrific, the overall image doesn't offer the depth found in the other 3 BLU-RAY debut films from BUENA VISTA.  Not a bad image, but a little too soft to wow viewers, anticipating to be won over with 1080p resolution.

BUENA VISTA has provided another PCM 5.1 mix. Let's hope they keep this trend going, as it's truly disheartening to find WARNER BROS, electing to stick to DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 only!  This is a great mix, offering numerous directional/panning effects. It's just plain fun to listen to and it compliments the kind of creative, light film Smith has created. 

An audio commentary has been included.