SRP $39.98 1.85:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 FOX

As attractive as Megan Fox is, one couldn't help but question how she'd handle her first lead role in the film, "JENNIFER'S BODY." Although the film was overlooked at the box-office, it has a new chance of winning its rightful audience with the new blu-ray release from FOX.  The script by Diablo Cody raises a few concerns early-on, due to Cody's penchant for trying too hard to create her own stamp with some dialogue that feels awkward and too obvious. However, as the narrative progresses, the writing greatly improves, raising it to the superior level of direction and acting it already embodies.

That's right, we mentioned "superior acting!" Megan Fox gives a performance, so nuanced in certain scenes, that any skeptics should be won over by her abilities. In one particular scene, wherein her character, Jennifer, is retelling, via flashback, what exactly happened to her, her performance is remarkable.

The story revolves around two main characters, Jennifer and her friend, Needy(Amanda Seyfried) living in a generally out-of-the way town called "Devil's Kettle,"(one of Cody's ridiculous contributions). Needy and Jennifer have been best friends since practically infants, and completely opposite in terms of personality. Jennifer, a cheerleader, loves pushing the envelope and her sexuality. Needy, is more of a bookworm, and in a generally innocent, devoted relationship. Jennifer's sexuality and prowess takes charge of Needy and virtually any situation. When a band from the "city" is set to appear at the local bar, Jennifer convinces Needy to come along, believing any band from out yonder has to be special and imbued with a level of power and success, she can't find in the local boys or setting of Devil's Kettle. When the band members set their sights on Jennifer, Needy believes they're going to drag her along for yet another sexual conquest and convinces them she's actually a virgin. Unfortunately, the band members are also satan-ists, looking for a virgin to sacrifice. Because they attempt to sacrifice a "non-virgin," Jennifer's body becomes inhabited by a demon, needing to satisfy its constantly growing hunger with the bodies of young males, and thus the plot thickens!

Under the skillful direction of Karyn Kusama, "JENNIFER'S BODY" transcends the horror genre, sticking out as one of the best "indie" feeling films of recent years, and also becoming one of the most original and entertaining horror films of the past ten years!

Kusama uses terrific imagery, editing and more, to offer a fresh thriller, paying homage to horror classics, but also standing out on its own, as an original.

FOX has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this AVC-MPEG 4 1080p blu-ray.  Colors are consistently solid, regardless of the varying settings. Detail is outstanding, achieving levels of depth that raise this release to a level, ranking it with the top of 2009! The clarity also impresses the viewer in regards to inherent challenges of making Fox appear less attractive in scenes where "Jennifer" is supposed to be getting weaker, due to a momentary lapse of her requirements for blood. Anyone who may have had reservations as to Fox's beauty, will be transformed upon viewing her in this stunning transfer. It has the same impact that the transfer of "WANTED" had for any doubters of Jolie's beauty. Contrast is also spectacular! Many scenes take place at night, and the deep blacks prevent any detail from becoming swallowed up in shadow.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  This mix is impressive in the manner with which it balances quieter moments with the deep bass and aggressive environment of other scenes. Dialogue, discrete and panning effects, are all perfectly balanced with music that perfectly embodies the mood of the film. It's a great mix!

Plenty of extras are provided for this release, including:

Both the theatrical and Unrated Extended cut! While there's no more skin visible in the extended cut than in the theatrical version, fans will appreciate the heightened gore factor and some scenes that have been better fleshed out.

A commentary with Kusama and Cody, on the theatrical version, is entertaining, but the different commentary offered on the extended cut, featuring Kusama by herself, is even better and more insightful.

Deleted scenes(1080p) consist mostly of extensions.

The "Gag reel" offers moments of messed up line readings and behind-the-scenes footage.
A featurette(1080p)focuses on the pool confrontation sequence near the film's end, with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

"Video Diaries"(1080i) offers various Handicam moments with Fox, Seyfried and others on the set.

"MEGAN FOX IS HOT" is a too brief compilation(1080p) of various snippets thrown together featuring Fox.

"PEER PRESSURE PSA" is a dumb(480p) public service announcement tool starring Fox.

"LIFE AFTER FILM SCHOOL" is another self-indulgent studio marketing tool masked as some sort of interview/learning experience with Cody.