Jewish Americans DVD Cover Art

David Grubin has created some fantastic biographies for PBS in the past. "LBJ" and "MARIE ANTOINETTE" are among the best biographies created for any network. His latest documentary/biography, "THE JEWISH AMERICANS" ranks right up there with the others.  Utilizing interviews, archival footage and great footage from various sources, GRUBIN presents a well-paced 6 hour series, never failing to amaze viewers with the advancements and cultural impact of Jewish Americans on obvious aspect of society, entertainment,etc., but also in areas the general populace is less familiar with. It's well rounded, engaging, and entertaining.

PBS/PARAMOUNT has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement.  Originally airing in HD on PBS, the standard def dvd still looks impressive.  Of course, footage varies in quality depending on the source. Some of it's great, and some looks aged and scratched. Contrast, especially in modern interview footage is terrific. 

PBS/PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital Stereo mix. Separation is delegated purely for music and minor ambient effects.  But, this isn't the kind of programming necessitating an aggressive mix, and it's perfectly suitable.

PBS/PARAMOUNT has included some extras, including: a featurette on Jewish Cooking and interview with Grubin and a segment around a Rosh Hashana celebration.