Jindabyne DVD Cover Art

Director Ray Lawrence has shown the craftsmanship and ability to tell a tale of complex themes and deep emotion with remarkable restraint. His previous effort, "LANTANA" was a fine film. Unfortunately, his most recent film, "JINDABYNE" suffers from restraint.  The tale, based on a Raymond Carver short story, focuses on a group of husbands, stumbling upon the body of a young woman, while on a fishing trip. Upon their return home, the wife of Stewart(Gabriel Byrne)is rightfully upset that the men continued fishing after finding the body.  Robert Altman told the same tale, only much, much better as part of his masterpiece, "SHORT CUTS."

Lawrence makes one major change, by  making the body belong to an aborigine girl, attempting to make a more complex tale involving race, but, although he wants the viewer to sense something slowly, but surely building in the environment, it never boils over, or even faintly arrives. In the end, there's "little to do about nothing."  The fine talents of Byrne and Laura Linney as his wife, are wasted.

SONY has provided the correct aspect ratio of the film for this transfer. It's a good transfer, with a color range that varies from deep to bland, but this appears intentional. Detail is excellent, as is evident in the watery reflections of the fishing trip. Night sequences are also filled with depth, due to deep blacks and grays.

SONY has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. It's not aggressive, but Lawrence utilizes ambient effects and music with great care, building up an atmosphere that promises what can't be delivered.

There are deleted scenes included, none of which were needed. A featurette and trailer are also available.