SRP $79.95 1.33:1 MONO A&E

A&E has released yet another Gerry Anderson series onto dvd, with the special boxed set of “JOE 90”.  Set in the 21st century, the hero of the show is a 9 year old boy, Joe.  He’s the son of Professor McClaine. The professor has invented a machine that copies and transfers knowledge and intelligence from one person to another. While reminiscent in theme to “BRAINSTORM”, its storylines are simpler and obviously targeted towards inspired adolescents.   Whether Joe’s fighting terrorists or traveling under the sea, the puppet animation’s great and so are the miniature sets. Sure, the show’s predictions for what the world would look like are far off, but the gadgets are inspired and help add to the show’s overall charm.     

A&E has presented “JOE 90” over four discs in a boxed set. 

The original aspect ratio of 1.33:1 is intact.  The image is terrific, with no artifacts present, and almost completely devoid of scratches and dirt.  There’s excellent detail to every scene.  A&E has included the original monaural soundmix, and while fidelity is wanting, the dialogue is always intelligible.  Thankfully, A&E has included audio commentaries on two of the episodes, and they’re excellent. It’s actually a shame there weren’t more episodes with commentary.  Information as to how certain scenes were created, as well as the overall plot development, is far more interesting than we’d expected it to be.