COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released “JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES” as a SUPERBIT title.  James Wood stars as Jack Crow(Carpenter has a penchant for coming up with uninspired names), leader of a gang of Vampire Hunters, hired by the Vatican, who’ve recently pissed off a the leader of a vampire clan, after killing them all in the opening scene.  The vampire leader, Valek, is truly scary, and Carpenter does a great job introducing this villain to the audience in what makes for some of the most gripping horror films moments ever!

Soon enough, we find out that Valek’s after a special black cross that will enable him and his followers to walk the earth in daylight, making them virtually invulnerable. It’s up to Crow and his crew, or what’s left of it after some horrid events, to save the world. 

The previously available dvd of “JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES” was a wonderful transfer, but this SUPERBIT, with an increased bit, allows for better resolution. There is some minor grain, but, overall, the image is excellent. Colors are richer than in the previous version, and there’s better detail in some of the darker scenes.  Fleshtones appear natural.

As with all SUPERBIT titles, this one has the advantage of including a “DTS” mix.  While the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix on this and the previous version were both excellent, the “DTS” offers better delineation and bass.  Carpenter has also given this a great, thumping score, and it’s terrific. There are plenty of surround/directional effects. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.