SRP $19.99 each 1.33:1 DOLBY 2.0 Surround BUENA VISTA

Keeping up with their dedication to providing a plethora of education "and" entertainment dvds, BUENA VISTA has released two "JOJO'S CIRCUS" titles.  "ANIMAL A GO-GO" and "TAKE A BOW" combine dance, music and creative animation in an effort to teach children how to participate in things that undoubtedly feel daunting at first.  It's to BUENA VISTA'S credit that "winning" isn't everything! These stories even show JOJO missing the mark as much as accomplishing her goals.  The emphasis is placed on getting children to understand that making their truly best effort is what's most important!

"JOJO SAYS" is a version of "SIMON SAYS" and children have loved this game for decades! There are some other great features, including one in which kids can paint Jojo and her friends with computer extras by slipping this into a DVD-ROM.

"TAKE A BOW" is the slightly better of these two great titles, offering a chance for JOJO and her pet lion, Goliath to visit school and the surrounding areas of Circus Town as everyone learns moral lessons while also taking part in physical activities and creative games. Made up of four episodes, JOJO comments between each one, catching the viewer up with what they've learned and will be taking part in next. 

BUENA VISTA has presented a 1.33:1 aspect ratio for both releases.  The characters are all in claymation and kids should enjoy this less common but equally impressive form of animation. There are some truly impressive "claymation" effects!  There's great detail and clarity, and no signs of artifacts.

BUENA VISTA has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND mix for this release.  With plenty of music and dialogue, the fidelity is impressive. There aren't any real surround effects, but there is some separation and it's a creative enjoyable atmosphere. There are no signs of distortion to be found.