SRP $19.99 1.33:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 BUENA VISTA
"Jonas: Rockin the House Volume 1" has been released on dvd from BUENA VISTA. A huge hit on the Disney Channel, the series stars the three Jonas Brothers, Jo, Nick and Kevin. While not nearly as funny or creative as "THE MONKEE" or other shows of the past built around pop musicians and their lives, it still has its charm, and fans of the group will enjoy it, and parents can watch with them, without being bored out of their mind.
In the series, the brothers attend a private high school. Of course, public schools would be too crazy for them, since even attending the private school can cause unintended results, as evidenced by Macy, President of their fan club, going bonkers at the mere sight of them in the halls! Tempering Macy's histrionics falls on Stella, her freind and friends with
Stella (Chelsea Staub) is Macy’s best friend, and has been longtime friends with the brothers, especially Jo. Oh, these two are smitten with one another, but in typical "cleaner than Mayberry RFD" fashion, will never act upon it.  There's something in the show for every youngster, and even those 8 or younger will enjoy seeing Frankie, the lesser known "8" year old Jonas Brother craving the attention that his brothers and their band continuously get. Unfortunately, since the show is so tame, Frankie isn't given the kind of needed edge that made Danny Bonaduce so fun in his role as one of the Partridge Family, and that could've been a great aspect to run with, to attract or at least entertain adult viewers.
"VOLUME 1" offers five episodes, including:
"GROOVY MOVIES," :WRONG SONG," "PIZZA GIRL," "BAND'S BEST FRIEND," and one of the best episodes, built around Macy's character,  and the limitations of her singing talent, "CHASING THE DREAM."
BUENA VISTA has also included two previously unreleased episodes  and a "collectible card" as extras!
BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this release. Colors are solid, and occasionally vibrant. However, contrast is only average, without deep blacks needed to retain fine detail in darker scenes. As far as a tv to dvd transfer goes, this is fine and on par with many Disney Channel series on dvd releases.
BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital mix. Separation effects are focused towards the front speakers, with emphasis on the center channel. However, when music kicks in, the fidelity is impressive and all speakers are utilized.