COLUMBIA TRISTAR had to dig deep into its vaults to find “JUST ONE OF THE GUYS.”  It’s one of those films that viewers either love or hate.  This critic loved it. While it’s incredibly stupid at times, and
often predictable, there’s something about its ‘80s style that makes it,…endearing?
Joyce Hyser stars as Terry, an aspiring high-school journalist upset at being discounted as a worthy writer due to her sex. She decides to pose as a boy and enter a writing contest at a rival high school.
What follows, are mostly lame, but sometimes actually quite funny teen-targeted jokes.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has only released a full-frame version.  Worse, there are plenty of artifacts throughout the film. Colors are decent, but lack depth. Contrast is only average, lacking detail in darker
The Dolby Digital 2.0 track is also average, offering a few separational effects, but never boosting the pop music featured throughout the film.
Several trailers are also included.