While we’re still infuriated that COLUMBIA TRISTAR never bothered to continue
releasing further seasons of one of the best comedy series to ever air on tv,
albeit cable, “THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW,” at least they occasionally release some
other decent tv-fare.  “JUST SHOOT ME,” Season 1&2 have just been released. It’s
one of the funnier comedy series to come out of the 90s, and David Spade is
consistently terrific, as are the scripts.  Set at a fashion magazine akin to
Maxim, but called “BLUSH,” the main characters consist of owner Jack Gallo, his
daughter, Mya, photographer, Ellito DiMauro, kiss-ass secretary Dennis Finch and
a former model fighting the aging process with tooth-and-nail, Nina Van Horn.
George Segal is perfectly cast as Gallo, and, in fact, he’s never acted better
than he does here. Laura San Giacomo, so good in “SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE,” is
one of the few genuine actresses whom have made the transition from screen to
small screen with perfect poise. She’s terrific and believable in every way. 
David Spade has had his near hits(Tommy Boy) and plenty of misses(too many to
name)but he demonstrates here that he’s very, very funny, and deserving of great
material.  The rest of the cast is also impressive, and certain to win their own
share of new fans after they discover this dvd boxed set. 
Taking place mostly at the magazine’s office, there’s plenty of shenanigans as
Finch consistently employs every tactic in his ill-fated attempts at seducing or
at least capturing one of the pretty models always coming in. When he’s not
trying to hook up with someone, he’s trying to cover-up his vast lies to those
he tries to impress, or winning favor with Jack at the expense of others. One of
his main adversaries is found in Mya, Jack’s Daughter and feminist for the 90s.
The first two seasons’s episodes never feel dull, and viewers should eagerly
await the continuation of the following seasons to come(we hope!)

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the show’s original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Spread
out over 4 dvds, the 31 episodes inevitably suffer from some compression related
problems.  However, colors are typically rich and contrast is fine, while
imperfect.  Fleshtones appear natural throughout.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a 2.0 Stereo mix. There is no sense of surround
or separation, other than an occasional effect or with the music. Still, it’s a
dialogue-driven series, and the important, quick one-liners are always
discernible and free from distortion.
Series creator Steven Levitan and some members of the writing staff offer
commentary for four episodes. It’s entertaining and well worth listening to.
A half-hour documentary following the development of the series is included.