SRP $59.95 1.33:1 STEREO A&E

The comedy of “KIDS IN THE HALL” is definitely not for everyone. It is one of
those rare types of comedy series, that is constantly and unabashedly pushing
the envelope, and in doing so, finding new areas to offend. While its funniest
moments are those derived from intellectual humor, there are many side-splitting
moments pulled from slapstick moments and aspirations.  One brief but brilliant
sketch is built around the pilot of an airplane being taunted by an arriving
guest, Buddy Holly! It’s irreverent and hilarious!

“THE KIDS IN THE HALL” also pays tribute to the broad comedy of decades ago, so
while it will require some skimming of chapters to miss material that may offend
some older viewers, there is plenty of routinely acceptable material offered
within this boxed set.

A&E has spread out the first season over various discs, and more importantly,
labeled each sketch.  They include:

Episode 1:Call Girls, The Eradicator,Ballet, Crushing Your Head Part 2, Cause of Cancer, Pear, Kathie and the Blues Guy, Crushing Your Head Part 3; Episode 2—Thirty Helens 1, Sketch Comedy, Thirty
Helens 2, Cabbage Head, Restaurant, Tractor, Sarcastic Guy, Buddy’s Better,
Thirty Helen’s 3, Womyn; Episode 3—Gunslinger II, Gorilla, Hey Man, Citizen
Kane, Contact Lenses, Hey Man 2, Salty Ham, Hey Man 3; Episode 4—Déjà vu,
Asshole, The Daves I know, Menstruation, House Rules, The Dinner, Sick of the
Swiss, Country Doctor; Episode 5—Indian Drum, Geralds, Crushing Disco 1, Good
Grampa, Explore Scott, Are Extraterrestrials Dull?, Elvis, Crushing Disco 2;
Episode 6—Thirty Helens 1, Bored Robbers, Running Faggot, Thirty Helens 2,
Flogging, The Trucker, Can I Keep Him?; Episode 7—Hotel La Rut, Plummet, Hotel
La Rut 2, First Poem, Fletcher Christian, Hotel La Rut 3, Joymakers; Episode
8—Ping Pong, The Vacation, Ping Pong 2, Chain Gang, The Banker Doesn’t Like Us,
Dinosaurs, Ping Pong 3, Tony Comes to Dinner, The Banker Doesn’t Like Us 2;
Episode 9—A Place to Die, Secretaries, A Place to Die 2, Preacher, Weston, A
Place to Die 3, Teddy Bears’ Picnic; Episode 10—Hoopla, McGuillicutty and Green,
Wake Up!, MacIntyre Name, One Step at a Time, Nobody Likes Us, McGuillicutty and
Korosawa, Three for the Moon; Episode 11—Night of the Living Dead, Can Never Go
Home, Thirty Helens Coleslaw, Under Control, Gunslinger 1, Star-Crossed Lovers,
Thirty Helens Hawaii, Barbershop; Episode 12—Turning Over, Mood Swing, Billy
Dreamer 1, Folk Music, Who’s Gay in Hollywood?, Billy Dreamer 2, Skoora!;
Episode 13—Signs of Loneliness, Networking, Lopez 1, Fat Hitch-Hiker, Lopez 2,
No Regrets, The Lamp, Lopez 3, Indian Woman, Lopez 4; Episode 14—Editors Intro,
Editors (Film), Break Up, I Lied, Dull Death, I’m a Cat, My Routine, Schoolroom,
Editors Finale; Episode 15—Death Row, White Guy, Crazy Love, Buddy’s Island,
Captain Alan, Mechanic, Baby; Episode 16—The Floater, Is He?, Thirty Helens:
Pens, Manny Coon, Thirty Helens: Minds, Bass Player, Compensation, Thirty
Helens: Disagree; Power of My Cock; Episode 17—Boo!, Dracula, The Middle,
Crushing Girlfriend, Mass Murderer, B&K, Beautiful Women; Episode 18—Love Me,
Stinky Pink, Premise Beach, Crouton, Olympics, Premise Beach 2, Shitty Soup,
She’s Gone; Episode 19—Hey Baby, Island Boys, Can’t Kill Rock, Tarantula, Cat’s
Away, Mutilated, Car Ride, OWWW; Episode 20—Fat Man, How We Met, Thirty Helens:
Photos, Bank People, Double Date, Buddy is Canadian, Buddy Holly, Thirty Helens:
Helens, Dr. Seuss Bible.

A&E has preserved the show’s 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Colors tend to appear subdued,
but are generally solid. Contrast is fine. Contrast is acceptable, but detail is
lacking in darker scenes. Fleshtones appear natural.

A&E has presented a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix. It’s a decent mix, with some
frontal separation. However, most of the mix is delegated towards the center
channel.  Commentaries actually display a surround environment, which is likely
to be confusing for some.

A&E has provided some extras, including almost an our of interviews with cast
and producer Lorne Michaels.  We also get brief compilations from the pilot
episode and other favorites, with the option of commentary. Mediocre video is
offered of some rare tv performance footage from the Rivoli Theater performances.