SRP $28.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

"KUNG FU HUSTLE" is a true Martial Arts extravaganza. Blending comedy, martial arts and some drama (mostly comedy and martial arts), Director/star Steven Chow has created this tale of a down and out wannabe hoodlum, Sing, caught up between an ongoing battle between a bizarre married couple and a gang he wants to join.  When considering just how many martial arts films there have been over the decades, and how many, surprisingly, have been good, the fact that "KUNG FU HUSTLE" stands with the best of them speaks volumes!  "KUNG FU HUSTLE" is destined to be a classic!

SONY has provided a 1080p/MPEG-2 transfer with 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  Colors are generally solid and often rich. But, there are a few scenes wherein colors come across duller than we'd found on the dvd. Detail is magnificent in every single scene! Blacks and grays are extremely deep, offering an impressive picture no matter how dark the setting. There are no artifacts to be found. A really pleasing transfer, with some terrific nearly "three-dimensional" moments.

SONY has provided a PCM 5.1 mix.  The original Chinese language version is highly preferred over the dubbed Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.  The PCM mix offers better bass and dynamic range.  This is an aggressive mix!  There are plenty of martial arts effects taking place through all speakers, and when there aren't fists flying, atmospheric effects take over with a 360 degree environment. This is a DEMONSTRATION QUALITY mix!

SONY has carried over all of the extras from the standard dvd, including audio commentary, deleted scenes, featurette and more!