SRP $39.95 1.33:1 MONO PARAMOUNT

PARAMOUNT has released the entire first season of “LAVERNE AND
SHIRLEY”. A spin-off of characters introduced in “HAPPY DAYS”, it’s
actually humorous to note that these girls were considered “hot” on
the other show. Even Arthur Fonzarelli displayed some interest in one
of them. Penny Marshall…hot???

Penny Marshall(Gary’s sister) and Cindy Williams star in the title
roles, two girls working at capping bottles for the Shotz Brewery
Company in Milwaukee. The two have a chemistry together, with Laverne
playing more of the street-smart “bad girl” to Shirley’s naďve
“sweet” girl.  The two frequently get into situations not unlike
Lucille Ball did in “ I LOVE LUCY”, or Ron Howard’s character in
“HAPPY DAYS.”  While not as “Hallmark-ish” as “HAPPY DAYS”, it still
evoked feelings of a simpler, safer and more fun-filled time. 

PARAMOUNT has preserved the show’s 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  It’s much
sharper than the transfer for “HAPPY DAYS”.  There’s no grain and
colors are solid. Contrast is excellent. Fleshtones appear natural.

Unfortunately, for some reason,(probably licensing problems)the music
has been altered for this release. While the fidelity is generally
decent, there is some minor distortion with dialogue in a few spots.
It’s not enough to ruin the overall quality, but it’s disappointing
all the same.