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There are plenty of fans who’ve enjoyed “LETHAL WEAPON 2” over the original. This reviewer is not one of them!  None of the sequels have ever captured the originality of the first film and none of them have managed to make the best of the conflict between the leading characters’ personalities seem believable like the first film succeeded in doing. In fact, it seems that Director Richard Donner and WB decided to go for a more intentionally comedic angle here.  To begin with, they’ve created a completely over-the-top comic relief character for Joe Pesci. Sure, he’s amusing, but now the laughs are forced, instead of coming organically from the scripts’ circumstances. 

Donner has always tried to cleverly place overtones of social issues in his films, but the bad guys from South Africa are just cartoonish for the most part, and while hating Apartheid is a no-brainer, it’s still a shame that this and other issues weren’t dealt with any form of subtlety whatsoever!Donner has opened up the film for 2.35:1 and it serves the film’s compositions well. WB has preserved this image for the BLU-RAY release. It’s a much more vibrant looking transfer than the original film managed to achieve on BLU-RAY.  Colors are richer in every single scene. The blacks and grays are deeper too, even in the darkest scenes, allowing detail to be impressive for the most part. Still, while noticeably superior to the dvd counterpart, it never achieves the depth of a “DEMONSTRATION QUALITY” BLU-RAY title. It’s just a little too soft for that honor. 

WARNER BROS has provided a new DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 mix for this BLU-RAY release.  Surrounds are a bit manufactured in their appearance this time out. Perhaps it’s due to the film’s age, but even while effective in a few instances, there’s nothing really memorable about it.  The front soundstage offers a decent amount of separation and the film’s score kicks some intensity up in a few good action sequences.  Again, WB isn’t choosing to offer elaborate mixes as they’re doing for HD-DVD format and we’re not sure as to why.WB has provided a few extras, including additional scenes previously found on the Director’s cut DVD format.