The 80s had its share of horrible "teen films" but "LICENSE TO DRIVE" was that rare exception, a "smart" and "funny" one.  Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Heather Graham star in this fast-paced comedy.  Haim plays a 17 yr old eager to pass his driver's exam to take out the school's hottest girl, Mercedes(Graham). After failing it, he decides to go for broke and take the family car out anyway and woo the girl of his dreams. Of course, what he expects to be a smooth, care-free night, ends up being a flurry of unexpected disasters, perils and hilarious run-ins with the law and just about everyone else.

The film moves at a great pace and Director Greg Beeman gives the film a surprisingly top-notch look, in spite of a modest budget. 

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has preserved the film's 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement. Colors are vibrant throughout, further helping to achieve a glitzy look to the film.  There's minimal grain. Contrast is excellent.

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has remixed the soundtrack for Dolby Digital 5.1. While surround effects are limited in fidelity, the film's soundtrack is outstanding and fully enhanced with this new mix.

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has thrown in some great extras for fans. A running commentary with the film's director and writer provide some great stories about the film's production.  There is a deleted scene with an alternate ending, well worth watching, interviews with both Coreys and more!