SRP $64.98 1.33:1 MONO WARNER BROS

When dealing with "masterpieces," it's hard to argue about which "masterpiece" is best, but that's kind of what's in "LOONEY TUNES: GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME 6." There's one cartoon masterpiece after another!  Sure, there's arguably the best Pepe' Le Pew cartoon, but, there's also Charlie Dog, the oft-overlooked, brilliant character from Chuck Jones. There's arguably the "best" Yosemite Sam cartoon here too! But, then, again, every cartoon in here is terrific. "VOLUME 6" contains the most consistently great cartoons of any of the volumes in the "LOONEY TUNES" series.

Additionally, the final disc offers a series of shorts, sure to evoke memories for the eldest viewers, of simpler times, while entertaining the youngest with some of the most innovative, captivating storylines created.  "HORTON HATCHES THE EGG," maintains the "Dr. Seuss" elements of the original story, while incorporating some hilarious new characters. Peter Lorre is terrific here!

Another cartoon classic, "GOO GOO GOLIATH," revolves around the turmoil ensuing upon a drunken stork delivering the wrong baby, with "over-the-top" WARNER BROS. storybook-like hilarity.

This collection's got a little of everything to please everyone. Those without earlier volumes, wondering which one to start with: This one's also got some great "war" related cartoons, including "Herr Meets Hare," wherein the Germans are rightfully skewered in a way only Bugs Bunny can manage!

All of the cartoons have maintained their original aspect ratio, courtesy of WARNER BROS. The colors are typically rich and vibrant, and, although some of these cartoons are nearly 80 years old, the condition is generally fantastic! Sure, there are some minor scratches popping up on some, here and there, but generally, these cartoons have never looked better!

WARNER BROS. has provided the correct mono mix for these releases. Dialogue is always intelligible and free of distortion, although some may still appreciate the "caption" option, provided for those hard of listening.

WARNER BROS. has raised the bar in their effort to make this a real "collector's item!"  In addition to two great television specials, we also get plenty of commentaries, isolated music and effects tracks, "extra" cartoons, with perhaps the best of the collection, "CONFESSIONS OF A NUTZY SPY," being offered here! "LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION: VOLUME 6" deserves to be in every film lover's collection, and makes a fantastic holiday gift!