SRP $39.99 1.78:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 FOX

With networks appearing to be so willing to give anyone, with no talent their own comedy series, "WHITNEY, "THE GOOD GIRL, etc) at least, even with a flawed but bold series, "LUCKY LOUIE," comedian Louis C.K. is one of the few with actual talent who actually deserves it. His newest series, "LOUIE," pushes the envelope at times(even for cable), but it's often fresh and feels authentic, instead of pandering to the masses as the promo trailers for the upcoming "WHITNEY" and "THE GOOD GIRL" blatantly appear to be! 

Playing basically himself, "Louie," is a single dad, raising two young daughters, living in New York, although trying to be frequently on the road doing stand-up. While some of his stand-up routines is intercut within each episode, this isn't the kind of adolescent and older family fare of NBC's "SEINFELD" days. Instead, it's often more raunchy, and typically depressing. Still, even while it can feel occasionally at odds with the specific episode at hand, the overall impact of this culmination works!

And as crass as Louie's humor and personal life appear to be, there's also a genuinely decent guy who appears to be behind it. For every joke that only sort of works, there are many more that work perfectly. And for every instance wherein a viewer will cringe, there are many more wherein one will be pleasantly surprised and moved. Without giving anything away, it would be easy, at first to find Louie's actions as a chaperone for a bus that's been broken down with a flat tire in Harlem, as racist. But, his honesty and genuine "good intentions" with the way he handles things, makes this particular episode and many others feel so much more honest and worthwhile viewing than the majority of crappy, cliche'd storylines found on every other series.

While there are plenty that will not like the series or Louis C.K., for those who do, "LOUIE" is great! With the 2nd season almost at end on cable, it's also great to find, the series is still keeping its edge, thus far, without diminishing its quality.

FOX has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this AVC MPEG-4 1080p blu-ray. Having shot the film on Hi-def camera, the series has a film-like quality that separates it from the majority of other series. While there are some minor artifacts, particularly in the first episode, overall and as the season progresses, those flaws have virtually vanished. Color varies in richness, but feels authentic. Contrast is impressive, due to deep blacks, retaining an impressive overall detail in darker scenes.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix. While ambient effects are used more than on most comedy mixes, the majority of focus is towards the front soundstage and dialogue. Dialogue, while always intelligible, occasionally lacks the fine fidelity found on many flawless FOX lossy mixes. It's not noticeable enough to hurt the overall mix quality, but it's worth noting.

A humble, appreciative Louis C.K. provides commentary(almost all of it worthwhile)for each episode. Also, deleted,extended scenes, running over 30 minutes and a brief promo(all in standard resolution)are included as extras!