SRP $29.98 6 CDs Boxed set RYKODISC  

Adapted by Campbell from his own semi-fictional book, "MAKE LOVE THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY" is an innovative, engaging, funny, sometimes exasperating, inside take on the film industry, acting, and more.

Presented as a radio play,  the premise has Campbell (as himself) finding himself auditioning for a Mike Nichols film, alongside Richard Gere and Rene Zellweger, and winning the part!  Although a supporting role, Campbell decides to take advantage of this "Oscar" opportunity by creating a back-story for the character and trying to "live" the role in the real world, leading to him becoming involved in a mystery and more. It's ingenious, bold, and often hilarious.  Campbell is much wittier than any of his previous work would suggest.  Run to get this! IT IS A RARE TREAT!