SRP $14.94 1.33:1 MONO SONY

SONY has released one of Randolph Scott's better westerns, "MAN IN THE
SADDLE". Although Scott as Owen Merritt, say's very little, and not as tough
as Eastwood's "Man with No Name", he's an interesting character all the
same.  Andre De Toth's direction moves the film at a rapid pace, making its
87 minutes feel even shorter.  Within the short duration, a love story and
plenty of action unfold in an involving storyline that's too fun to worry
about clichés and plot holes.

SONY has preserved the film's 1.33:1 ratio. Colors are solid and the rugged
exteriors look terrific here, even without a "epic widescreen" image. Detail
is impressive and it's generally a well-polished transfer. Contrast is fine,
although some grain is present.

SONY has presented a Mono mix which is adequate, although limited in