Martian Child DVD Cover Art
SRP $28.98 1.78:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 NEW LINE

"MARTIAN CHILD" is one of those films that people will either like or hate, but not "love." The story of a widowed, John Cusack adopting a shy, awkward 7 year old, insisting he's not of this earth, and spending much of his time inside a box, is actually full of potential. Sadly, many of the most interesting aspects to this tale, the reasoning behind Cusack's identifying with the child's sense of alienation, etc., is left unexplored.  There are some fine, moving moments throughout the film, but ultimately, its overly syrupy, predictable "twists" prevent a really fine film from being realized. Still, another consistently fine performance from Cusack, as well as a greater number of really good scenes over bad, make this a film worth checking out.

NEW LINE has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this release, with 16:9 enhancement.  It's a great looking transfer, with rich, vibrant colors. Contrast is excellent, allowing for terrific detail in darker scenes. There are no artifacts or grain.

NEW LINE has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for this release.  Not an aggressive mix, surrounds provide some engaging ambient effects. Music is well balanced throughout. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

A commentary without Cusack and the film's director, is included, making one question those two's happiness with the final product.

Also included are trailers and a featurette.