FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has been providing some terrific dvd presentations from their vaults of hidden treasures, and one of their most recent, “MARSK OF ZORRO” shouldn’t be missed!  Tyrone Power stars as Don Diego De Vega, whom upon returning to the home of his father in California, having lived abroad in Spain, finds that a vicious governor has been holding the populace under his merciless control, with the help of his lieutenant(Basil Rathbone). Knowing it will take heroic feats to arrest power away from these two, Don Diego uses an alter ego, “ZORRO”, to avenge his people during the night, before returning to his normal persona in the day. 

“THE MARSK OF ZORRO” is great filmmaking! The film moves along at a rapid pace, and every sequence adds to the story. No time is wasted, and there are certain moments which will delight audiences today as much as when it was originally released.

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has preserved the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  While the print shows signs of the source materials’ age, due to grain and wear&tear, the black & white cinematography still appears better than any television airing. The contrast is fine, and blacks and grays are deep.

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has provided the original monaural track as well as a remastered 2.0 stereo mix. While we appreciate the efforts, the 2.0 mix isn’t as enjoyable as the original track.  Both have a fair share of distortion, however the monaural track at least sounds more consistently leveled. 

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has provided some great extras for this release!  Former “TIME MAGAZINE” critic, Richard Schickel offers a commentary, which is thoroughly enjoyable.  While the trailer for “MARK OF ZORRO” isn’t here, there are several for other “Classics” included. However, the best extra is undoubtedly the A&E biography on Tyrone Power.