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While “MATRIX RELOADED” doesn’t feel as original or thoroughly captivating as its predecessor, it still has a lot to offer, and its vision, while overly convoluted, makes for an impressive experience.The biggest problem lies in its dependence of effects to overcome huge flaws in the narrative. While the original had groundbreaking effects, its central plot was strong and even ingenious. “MATRIX RELOADED” often feels rehashed, and instead of continuing to build on an already extraordinary premise, it tries to take gigantic leaps from it, when none are needed. As the viewer is brought into the depths of “Zion”, it’s more of a depressing experience than an enthralling one. The pacing is also a huge disappointment.

The filmmakers invest so much time trying to impress with the CGI effects and production design, that what should have been dramatic moments, feel weighted down and bloated, saved briefly by sporadic chase and fight scenes. However, even some of the fight scenes fee l tired after a while. When Neo takes on multiple clones of his main adversary, what began as an intriguing confrontation, becomes anti-climatic by its conclusion. For those able to overlook the films flaws, it’s still hard not to be disappointed by the sudden “inconclusive” conclusion, setting up the third and final film.WARNER BROS has done a spectacular job with the dvd transfer. Unlike the first film, “MATRIX RELOADED” has been given a 2.35:1 aspect ratio(the original was 1.85:1)with 16:9 enhancement. Colors are rich and the detail is often staggering. This is a demonstration quality transfer! Fleshtones appear natural throughout.

WARNER BROS. has also provided a spectacular Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. There are layers upon layers of directional effects, with an active musical presence, all without dialogue ever losing its clarity. The bass is extremely active, and subwoofers are certain to be pushed to the limits here!

While the previous film’s debut on dvd was lacking in extras, WARNER BROS. has provided numerous supplementary features for this release.The best of them, “THE FREEWAY CHASE”, examines how what is arguably the film’s finest sequence, was achieved. “THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS” segment offers a comedic sketch parody of the film, and while even this, like the film, loses its steam, albeit in a shorter period of time, it’s still funny.A trailer for “ANIMATRIX” and some other featurettes devoted to the films merchandising, are also included