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While many haven’t or can’t make the trip to visit the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, Documrama’s newest release, “MAYA LIN: A STRONG CLEAR VISION” is certainly the next best thing!
Paying homage to such a controversial war, and being able to honor the men and women who gave their lives in it, without pandering to commercialism or politics, was no easy task.  Maya Lin, an architectural grad student at Yale, was just 21, when her design won the competition for this hallowed ground.

The fact that Maya was Asian, a female, and just 21, angered many Vietnam Vets at the time.  Still, upon sober reflection of this memorial, one can’t imagine something more powerful than what her design accomplished.

There was much dissent, captured in the early part of this documentary, from those wanting more “patriotic” overtones near of on the monument.  Eventually, the opposition to Maya’s memorial was diminished after an agreement was made to feature a statue of three soldiers by the site.

Lin is responsible for other important accomplishments, including a moving civil rights memorial in Alabama, and its impact and development process is also depicted here.

This is a terrific documentary, and it’s also an important one!   This is the kind of documentary which should be required viewing in high school. It captures history, as well as depicting society’s interrelations with it.  Lin’s ability to bring life and emotion to events that are so relevant to modern history, is impressive, and this documentary compliments this idea brilliantly.

Docurama has preserved the film’s 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  Quality varies throughout,  mixing news footage with other film elements.  While occasionally grainy, the image is always better than average.  Colors are solid, though subdued in spots. Fleshtones appear natural.

The sound quality is only average. While it’s generally of decent quality, there are several scenes in which it sounds muffled.
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