Paramount has released the 2nd season of "MELROSE PLACE." Picking up after the many changes made in the middle of SEASON ONE, "SEASON 2" introduces new characters, most notably, Jane's younger sister and the newest resident, Sydney. She also sparks one of the many semi-adulterous affairs that permeates the series.  The gay character of Matt, also becomes more central to the narrative plotline as he decides to marry a Russian "female" to help her get a green card. Of course Amanda, one of the show's best characters, is on hand and involved in a love triangle. So, for those new to the series, "SEASON 2" offers plenty of affairs, semi-topical themes, and mostly over-the-top melodrama.  "SEASON 2," while fun, is certainly one of the silliest seasons of the series, and that's saying a lot!

PARAMOUNT has provided the correct full-frame aspect ratio.  Colors vary from episode to episode. While generally solid, hues can change quickly from dead on to oversaturated. There are also plenty of defects popping up, including a surprising amount of scratches.  It's disappointing to find PARAMOUNT hasn't restored or digitally cleaned this series, nor its counterpart, "BEVERLY HILLS 90210."

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital Stereo mix.  While always intelligible and free from distortion, fidelity is limited.

PARAMOUNT has included two so-so commentaries and some featurettes for the show's biggest fans.