While fans of the original tv series, "MIAMI VICE", may be disappointed, the film "MIAMI VICE" is much better than the box-office numbers would lead one to believe.  Director/writer Michael Mann deliberately threw away the idea of making the film with the same '80s style of clothing/editing and music, opting for a "new" style to the film and a much more mature and intelligent look as well. 

Yes, there are expensive cars, boats, and other extravagant symbols throughout the film. There are also chases, gunfights and more. But, this isn't anything like an action film. Mann moves the film along, sometimes deliberately at a slower pace, letting the weight of things about to happen, create the the atmosphere and tension.  The love story between Farrell's character and the drug lord's financial whiz may or may not work for some viewers, but Gong Li does add some unexpected spice to the film.

UNIVERSAL has released a HD-DVD combo format of the film with the unrated Director's cut on the HD-DVD side and the theatrical version on the opposite "dvd" side.

Mann shot the film in HD, so the results are expected to be great and for the most part, the transfer is a great success. The 2.35:1 aspect ratio is intact and for HD, there's a surprising absence of grain in scenes wherein it was expected.  Colors are generally impressive, although there are a few instances of bleeding, especially in darker scenes. The detail is great throughout. It's not up there with the best transfers from UNIVERSAL, but far better than most HD-DVD releases so far.

UNIVERSAL has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix.  For some reason, UNIVERSAL scrubbed the originally announced Dolby TrueHD mix. The PLUS 5.1 mix offers an aggressive mix with surrounds being effectively utilized throughout the film.  There are great separation moments in the front mix as well. Dialogue, at times, can appear muddled and we actually had to use subtitles in a few scenes. The music is great and well complimented.

UNIVERSAL has included a commentary with the director, which is great. There are also various featurettes.