FOX has released a boxed set of the first season to “MILLENNIUM” on
dvd.  X-FILES creator Chris Carter attempts to create an even darker
world than Mulder and Scully frequently found, here.  Frank Black is
an ex-FBI agent moving with his family back to his hometown of
Seattle, Washington as the first episode introduces his characters to
viewers.  Frank has an uncanny ability to step into the killer’s mind
ala “MANHUNTER” and see what the killer sees. Although trying to
start his life over, away from his former life as an agent, he’s
called upon to assist an organization known as the “Millennium
Group.”  It appears that this group is bent on pulling off the gloves
in order to fight pure evil in the world, consistently appearing in
exponential form, as the approaching new “millennium” approaches.
Throughout the first season, Frank, along with some other recurring
characters, confront evil serial killers and horrors, seeming to fit
an overall pattern for an end of the world scenario.

The “PILOT” episode is terrific and sets up the mood and premise of
the series brilliantly.  Lance Henriksen also proves that he can act!
He’s perfectly cast here and makes the role his own, quickly! 
Not as consistently entertaining as Carter’s “X Files”, none of the
episodes are “bad” and some are outstanding(Sacrament, Lamentation),
and others essential in building a storyline to be carried over the
next two seasons. Some episodes are really horrifying, but it’s
disappointing that the first season doesn’t play out as successfully
or consistently as “X FILES Season 1” did. What makes “MILLENNIUM”
worthwhile, in spite of its flaws, is the acting and overall “wake”
that the show leaves behind. For better or worse, when an episode
ends, it’s hard not to be thinking about it!

Carter takes this material seriously and because of his respect for
this type of drama, a rare form of class comes along with it. A show
about serial killers and pure evil becomes elevated to something much
more than its parts!

FOX has preserved the series’ 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  There is flawless
clarity here, even with a dark canvas! Detail is perfect and
contrast is impressive, in even the darkest moments. Fleshtones
appear natural.

FOX has provided an extremely effective Dolby Digital Stereo mix.
Chris Carter has paid a lot of attention to detail here, and it shows
in every episode.  There are undercurrents of sinister goings on
throughout the series, and the delicate play of even subtle effects
works with great impact here. Dialogue is “almost” always
intelligible here. (We had to turn on captions for a line or two in
the “Pilot” episode)

There are a variety of extras available in this set.  Carter provides
a running commentary for the “Pilot” episode. It’s entertaining, and
he’s candid about his misteps with the season in certain aspects.
Director David Nutter provides commentary on “GEHENNA”. THIS is a
must-listen! Nutter provides great insight into this episode, but
also explains how the whole series has been structured. It’s a
terrific commentary!

“MAKING OF SEASON 1” Documentary- There are plenty of interviews and
behind-the-scenes moments here.  Worthwhile for any fan.

“CHASING THE DRAGON” is a featurette that examines “profiling”, using
interviews and a Q&A with Chris Carter.

“CREATING THE LOGO AND TITLE SEQUENCE” offers a “little” insight as
to what certain images stand for in the captivating opening sequence.
Several tv spots for the series and trailers for other FOX releases
are also included.