One of the best surprises of the past year, “MONSIEUR IBRAHIM” is
available on dvd from COLUMBIA TRISTAR.  Omar Sharif stars in the
title role. Mr. Ibrahim owns a store wherein he befriends a young
boy, Moise. Although set in the ‘60s, the rites of passage for this
young man could have ocurred in any period.  His father isn’t there
for him in any of the ways he needs him to be, so he’s learning
values in some questionable ways, losing his “virginity” to
prostitutes, stealing, and other less than honorable paths are being
taken. However, Mr. Ibrahim is so decent a man, and so wise, even
beyond his years, that he tries, with some success, to impart his
knowledge on the young man, in affect, becoming a true father figure
to the boy in the process.
“MONSIEUR IBRAHIM” isn’t without its flaws. In fact, it’s
heavy-handed with its manipulative twists at times, becoming
predictable. Still, it’s earnest and well-intentioned enough to rise
above these problems, and the acting is wonderful! Sharif has aged
well, and his acting certainly ranks with that of his best
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the film’s 1.66:1 aspect ratio, with
16:9 enhancement.  Colors are solid, although seldom vibrant. This
may be intentional, as it gives ‘60s Paris streets, a gritty
atmosphere.  Contrast is excellent, offering deep blacks and grays in
dark scenes.  Fleshtones appear natural throughout.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a surprisingly effective Dolby Digital
5.1 mix. The mix is clever, offering some ingenius editing at times,
and while it’s not overly aggressive, there are some great surround
moments. The dialogue is always intelligible and free from
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a commentary with Sharif! It’s
terrific! Any film lover will enjoy hearing Omar talk about his
experience with this film’s production, but also at the opportunity
to gain insight into his intriguing and entertaining personal stories
as well!
Several trailers are included.