SRP $44.95 1.78:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 BUENA VISTA
BUENA VISTA has finally released an all-time family classic, "MONSTERS INC.," on blu-ray.
With the exception of the dull "CARS," every PIXAR film from the studio has been incredibly witty, funny, and often poignant, but in ways wherein no age group is patronized. 
The plot offers a brilliant idea in that all the scary monsters creating sleepless nights for kiddies, are actually real, but not bad at all. They're just transported over from "monstropolis," their special domain. The energy harnessed from the kids screams is what actually powers their world. Making things difficult (and funnier)for the monsters is the fact that monsters have an actual fear of kids, believing them to be deadly.  Monstropolis's most praised citizen for scaring, James P. Sullivan, is voiced by John Goodman. Goodman demonstrates in every single scene just how much the right voice can make for a film. It's impossible to imagine anyone else in this role being as effective. HE's THAT GREAT!  Sullivan's best friend, Mike is played by Billy Crystal. As annoying as this critic finds Crystal's work to usually be, he's actually perfect in his role, a monster with one-eye.  After introducing the basic set-up of both worlds and their connection, things get more complicated, though never dull, when Sullivan accidentally creates a situation allowing for the adorable little human girl, "Boo," to cross over into their world.  Now, it's up to Sullivan and Mike to get Boo back to her world before either world is made aware of their mistake.
Everything about this film screams "CLASSIC!" The dialogue, the look, the characters, the writing,...It all feels so fresh and inspired. While kids will be constantly entertained, there are plenty of gags that are almost side-splitting for adults! When it's poignant, it feels well earned and not manipulative. "MONSTERS INC." is a film that can easily be re-watched without losing any of its magic. It's also perfect for holiday gatherings. It's hard to imagine anyone exclaiming, "Not Monsters, Inc. again!"
BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray release.  The colors are just as deep and vibrant as one has grown to expect from PIXAR blu-ray releases.  "MONSTERS, INC" with its digital origin, is just perfect for blu-ray. Contrast is also flawless, with inky blacks so impressive as to make it stand out above many other blu-ray releases.  The detail jumps off of the screen in virtually every scene. OUTSTANDING!!!! In comparison to the dvd, the high-def image bests it in every possible way. 
BUENA VISTA has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix, which also bests the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix in every scene to scene comparison. The listening environment presented is one of the most immersive available. From the first moments, it's made obvious surround and discrete effects are going to be used extensively and creatively for maximum impact. The "scary" scenes grow scarier(in a fun, very short-lived way)due to deep bass.  But, as incredibly impressive as the early part of the film is, it actually gets even more impressive and fun as it continues! Definitely a reference quality soundmix!
The 4-disc Blu-ray edition of Monsters, Inc. features all of the supplemental content from Disney's 2001 Collector's Edition DVD, adds in some intriguing exclusives (namely a filmmakers roundtable), and includes both a standard DVD and Digital copy of the film. However, while there's admittedly a lot of material to be found, a few odd decisions held it back from perfection. The numerous DVD leftovers aren't just a tad dated, they're peppered with some forced humor that fails to earn laughs. If I saw another monkey or scooter, I think I would have screamed. It doesn't help that much of the discs' 2001 content is presented in lowly standard definition. Ah well, once I got past the at-times wonky tone of the set's second disc, I was able to enjoy all of the production info the Pixar team had assembled; enough to almost make me overlook those blasted scooters. Almost.
BUENA VISTA has provided an incredible amount of extras for this 4 disc release. Well, two of the discs making this set are actually just the standard dvd, and a Digital copy.