SRP $199.95 Full Frame MONO A&E

A&E has been releasing separate volumes of the wonderful BBC television series, "MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS", and now, just in time for the holidays, the entire series is available in one big, boxed set! It's hard to think of another dvd collection that would be a better gift!

While some of their sketches don't always work, there are so many here that are truly "classic", the sum is more important than its parts.  Anyone taking just one look at "ARGUMENT CLINIC" or the  "SPAM" sketch, will want more and more of this comedy group, and "more" is the key word with this boxed collection!

John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam(the animator) all make up and contribute to this motley group.  This show was so ahead of its time, that even today, it doesn't feel the slightest bit dated.  They took on everything and everyone for their comedy sketches. Nothing was sacred, and "that" is the only warning we have for potential viewers.  If one doesn't have a good sense of humor, "THIS ISN'T FOR YOU!"

Even while writing this review we're finding so many sketches (The Spanish Inquisition,etc.) that there are just too many to mention, and most of them are just side-splittingly funny!

The complete set provides about 24 hours of material, with 45 episodes.  

A&E has really gone all out to provide a terrific transfer for this release. The colors look solid throughout, and they're actually vibrant in many spots.  There is no grain anywhere, and contrast is impressive, with generally deep blacks and grays.  Fleshtones appear natural.

The monaural track has been remastered as well, and the results are impressive. There is no background hiss, dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.  The fidelity is also decent, in spite of its age. 

A&E has included some supplements as well. Each disc contains something, whether it's just information on the group, or previews of other sketches from other episodes, or trivia. There are also subtitles available!

Absolutely worth the cost!