SRP $29.99 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL/DTS 5.1 BUENA VISTA

"MR 3000" didn't hit a homerun at the box-office, but that shouldn't deter viewers from running to add this great comedy to their collection.  It's the kind of family fun that will leave viewers previously unaware of Bernie Mac, eagerly awaiting for his next comedy venture.

Bernie Mac may not have great dramatic range, but he doesn't need it as long as he plays himself. That's primarily what he does here. Much like the personality displayed on his hit tv show, Mac is simultaneously hilarious, and endearing, without ever becoming annoying.  Here, he plays Stan Ross, a baseball legend, all due to the fact that he quit the game on a high note, batting his 3000th hit.  Unfortunately for him, it's discovered a full decade later, that three of his hits didn't count! Now, against incredible odds, this much older, overly-confident, over-the-top "ex" athlete must whip into shape, and make a remarkable comeback in order to reclaim the fame that's been taken away.

There are only a few scenes that don't work here and are predictable. For the most part, it's a laugh-riot!  Most importantly, this is a comedy that's warm-hearted, something extremely rare in most comedies today. Mac is great, but then, so are his supporting cast, including Angela Bassett and Chris Noth.

This is the kind of release that is likely to win a place as a newly discovered gem at the local Blockbusters. We suggest getting it now! It's highly re-watchable.

BUENA VISTA has preserved the film's 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement. Colors are solid, often vibrant, benefiting from a transfer that's remarkably sharp. Contrast is flawless, with little grain. Fleshtones appear natural.

BUENA VISTA deserves praise for including a "DTS" option along with the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix!  While both offer a variety of directional/panning effects, particularly during the game sequences, the general use of ambient sounds, is impressive. Both mixes sound great, but the DTS mix offers better bass and clarity. Dialogue is always intelligible, even within a complex effects mix.

BUENA VISTA has included a variety of extras, including extended scenes.  This section is entertaining, but the film is so enjoyable as it is, it's hard to imagine the film tinkered with by extending anything within it.

There is a great "Outtakes" section, offering more side-splitting laughs.

"THE MAKING OF MR. 3000" offers plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews for the film's destined fans.

Director Charles Stone III offers a running commentary, and while it doesn't offer much for aspiring directors, he's easy to listen to, full of enthusiasm, and he provides some memorable stories.