The idea of Kevin Costner playing a serial killer is actually intriguing. To begin with, he's a fine actor, and having someone typically associated with the likeable, underdog, all around good guy roles for so long, stretch into much darker territory has great potential, and provides the single successful element in an otherwise awful film. Costner is terrific as Mr. Brooks, a seemingly loving husband and devoted father, when he's not active in running his business and receiving awards. However, Mr. Brooks has his dark side, as expressed in the crappy opening with titles, and it has awakened.  Director/Co-writer Bruce Evans obviously thought this opening title idea elevates the film to some new level of film-noir, and when watching the predictable crap that ensues, it leaves the viewer more angry that this guy is making films! Why? There are so many more gifted writers and directors needing much less money than this garbage must've cost to make! Let's get one thing straight,....the idea of having an actual actor visible(only to the viewers) as the stand-in for the alternate personality coaxing Mr. Brooks on, is immature, and demonstrates how unimaginative Evans really is! It's shameful for such a gifted actor as William Hurt, to have to take on roles like this. Then again, I'd do worse, for less money!

This reviewer always thought of Ashton Kutcher as one of the worst actors in Hollywood. Correction! It's arguably Demi Moore. She has not only aged horribly, she can't give one line that rings true here. Sure, the script sucks, but she struggles giving any sense of realism to even walking! She's just that bad!

Those who hate Dane Cook, as this reviewer does, will take some pleasure, in events revolving around him.

FOX has provided a 1080p transfer with the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio. It's a great transfer!  The production design is impressive, with somber colors overshadowing dreary day settings throughout the film, but all perfectly captured here! There are so many dark scenes, wherein the deep blacks and grays, manage to offer exquisite detail. It's a spectacular transfer, with scene after scene, providing great depth.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 mix.  While not consistently aggressive, there are many creative moments, and the dynamic range is always sharp. Many, subtle moments provide great distinctive effects, always in a low-key kind of way. Not the best mix on blu-ray, but surely better than standard.

FOX has provided a commentary with director/co-writer and fellow co-writer. It's a self-indulgent diatribe, with two clueless people that should've focused more on how they managed to fool the system and get this thing even considered!

A trivia track and featurettes are also included.