KOCH VISION ENTERTAINMENT has released “MUSSOLLINI AND I” on dvd.  Bob Hoskins is surprisingly convincing in the lead role as Il Duce.  Originally made as a television mini-series, it does a decent job highlighting the scumbag’s early beginnings as a sociopath/terrorist, as well as his eventual alliance with Hitler, and ultimate well-deserved end.  But, this film/series also delves into his relationship with daughter(wonderfully played by Susan Sarandon), and his son-in-law, Count Ciano, known for his anti-Hitler-beliefs. The script carefully deals with complex issues seldom covered in other films detailing the period about the dictator, but ultimately it also honestly reveals him to be the selfish, maniacal animal that he was, choosing his own greed and “love” for Hitler to nearly destroy his country, as well as decimate the lives of people close to him.

Hopkins gives yet another, grand performance as the Count.

KOCH VISION has spread the series out over two discs, the overall image is generally fine. The shows’ original 1.33:1 aspect ratio is intact.  There are some minor artifacts, but none too distracting. Colors vary in quality, sometimes appearing rich, and at others, subdued. The contrast is decent, offering better-than-average detail in darker scenes.

KOCH VISION has provided a monaural mix. Fidelity is better than expected, considering the show was first aired in 1985.  Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.