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Due to space limitations, this page will be indexed for titles that have been  released within the past 6 months.  For the time being, this page will include titles going back further with more recent titles posted at the top.

8 Seconds-Dir. John Avildsen-Luke Perry-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

An Affair of Love-Dir.Frederic Fonteyne-Natalie Baye-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-trailer

American History X-Dir.Tony Kaye-Ed Norton-1.85:1(16:9)-Dolby Digital 5.1-deleted scenes,audio commentary

Astronaut's Wife,The-Dir.Rand Ravich-Johnny Depp-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery-Dir. Jay Roach-Mike Meyers-2.35:1-P&S-Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentary,deleted scenes

Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me-Dir. Jay Roach-Mike Meyers-2.35:1-P&S-Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentary,deleted scenes,more!

Body Shots-Amanda Peet-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1, trailer

Boiler Room-Dir. Ben Younger-Giovani Ribbisi, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-Audio Commentary

Boogie Nights:Special Edition-Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson-Burt Reynolds-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-deleted scenes, new audio commentaries, JOHN C. REILLY Files, music video, and more

Detroit Rock City-Dir.Adam Rifkin-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-deleted scenes,multiple angles, commentaries, music videos and more!!!

Drop Dead Gorgeous-Dir.Michael Patrick Jann-Denise Richards-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

Feeling Minnesota-Dir. Steven Baigelman-Cameron Diaz-2.35:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

Final Destination-Dir. James Wong-Kristen Cloke-1.85:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-3 audio commentaries,deleted scenes, isolated music track,test screenings, games & more.

Five Senses,The-Dir. Jeremy Podeswa-1.85:1(16:9)Dolby Surround,trailer

Frequency-Dir. Gregory Hoblit-Dennis Quaid,Jim Cavaziel-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-commentary, deleted scenes,featurette

In the Mouth of Madness-Dir. John Carpenter-Sam Neill-2.35:1(16:9) Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentary

Lost Souls-Dir. Janus Kaminzki-Winona Rider-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS 5.1-deleted scenes,commentary

Magnolia-Paul Thomas Anderson-Tom Cruise-2.35:1(16:9)-Dolby Digital 5.1-Diary on making of the film,extra footage,documentary, music videos and more!!!

Money Talks-Dir.Brett Ratner-2.35:1(16:9)P&S-Dolby Digital 5.1

Mortal Kombat-Dir.Paul Anderson-1.85:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1

Mother Night-Dir. Keith Gordan-Nick Nolte-1.85:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentaries with Gordon and writer, commentary with Nolte

Pleasantville-Dir.Gary Ross-Reese Witherspoon-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentary,music video, isolated score,featurette,trailer

Pump Up the Volume-Dir.Allan Moyle-Christian Slater-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

Saving Grace-Brenda Blythyn-2.35:1(16:9)Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentaries& more

Tumbleweeds-Dir. Gavin O'Connor-Janet McTeer-1.85:1(16:9)-Dolby Digital 5.1-Audio Commentary

Deep Cover-Dir.Bill Duke-Larry Fishburne-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1

Embrace of the Vampire-Dir.Anne Goursaud-Alyssa Milano-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-Unrated/R-rated versions

HurlyBurly-Sean Penn,Meg Ryan,Gary Shandling-2 audio commentaries-1.85:1(16:9)-dolby digital 5.1

Poison Ivy-Dir. Katt Shea Ruben-Drew Barrymore-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-Unrated/R-Rated versions

Poison Ivy 2:Lily-Dir.Anne Goursaud-Alyssa Milano-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-Unrated/R-Rated versions

Poison Ivy (3):The New Seduction-Dir.Kurt Voss-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-Unrated/R-Rated versions

Player's Club,The-Dir. Ice Cube-John Amos-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-music video

Set It Off-Dir.F. Gary Gray-Jada Pinkett-1.78:1/P&S-Dolby Digital 5.1-music video

Adventures of Pinocchio-Martin Landau-2.35:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)

Dark City-Dir.Alex Proyas-Commentary with Roger Ebert-2.35:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-EXTRAS!

Dumb & Dumber-Farelly Bros.-Jim Carrey,Lauren Holly-1.85:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)

Island of Dr. Moreau-Dir.John Frankenheimer-Marlon Brando,Val Kilmer-2.35:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)Extra footage

Lawnmower Man,The:Director's Cut-Dir.Brett Leonard-Pierce Brosnan-1.85:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)

Last Man Standing,The-Dir.Walter Hill-Bruce Willis-2.35:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)

Menace 2 Society-Dir.Hughes Bros.1.85:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)Remastered for Chase Surround

One Night Stand-Dir.Mike Figgis-Wesley Snipes, Nastassjua Kinski-1.85:1&P&S-Dolby Digital(5.1)-audio commentary

Wag the Dog-Dir.Barry Levinson-Dustin Hoffman,Robert De Niro-1.85:1-Dolby Digital 5.1-audio commentary with Levinson&Hoffman,documentary