SRP $49.99 1.85:1 Dolby True HD 7.1 BUENA VISTA

"THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" was not originally conceived, shot or released as a "3D" film. However, intent on making more funds from the original stop-motion animated classic, DISNEY retro-converted it for a new "3d" theatrical release about 5 years ago, and it was a hit, again! 

Now, DISNEY is finally getting around to increasing their availability of "blu-ray3d" releases, and "THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 3D" is amongst their newest in this format! While there are some scenes that benefit from the "3d" presentation, there are some handicaps as well.  Having not been a 3d-native film, the post-conversion can't make scenes that weren't meant to emphasize depth, jump off the screen! However, the creative genius behind Director Henry Selick and producer Tim Burton's stylized puppet and set design, inherently offers some astonishing moments of depth as sort of icing on the cake, benefitting from 3d, rather than being exclusively due to it.  Crooked, snaggly tombstones, trees and other set designs pop off the screen in a pleasing manner and there is noticeably less ghosting than found on many other "blu-ray3d" releases. But, given that the film's design is intentionally dark, limitations of "3d" depth in darkness tend to be more prominent, especially when comparing the depth found on the blu-ray(2d) release included herein! While the "2d" doesn't offer the depth in some particular scenes, this reviewer finds it to be the superior looking of the two, as contrast is more impressive in the 2d offering, allowing detail to stand out considerably more.

DISNEY has included a Dolby TrueHD 7.1(That's right,.."7.1!!!) mix!!!  This is a dynamic, reference quality, easy-to-recommend to show off one's sound system, mix!  The mix offers a whirlwind of discrete/panning and discrete effects from opening credits to end credits, and they're as creative as everything else in the film. The score is also kind of catchy, and has never sounded better than it does here! One will likely want the remote nearby, as bass can be pretty heavy in select scenes. Still, the layers upon layers of effects, dialogue and music are perfectly balanced(with the exception of bass in a few brief instances), and really showcase the capabilities of the lossy format when well handled and well-inspired! BRAVO!!!!

In addition to the blu-ray 3d release, BUENA VISTA has included the blu-ray(2d) release, dvd and digital copy, along with previously offered supplements, with several in HD.

The same audio commentary previously available is here, comprised of Elfman, Selick and Burton.

An original poem read by Christopher Lee

Featurettes focused on the film's design(from a 1993 tv feature around the film), storyboards, "deleted" animated sequences(fully completed!)and more are offered.

However, our favorite extra, even if only offered in standard resolution, is certainly "FRANKENWEENIE," the 1984 short film by Burton about a kid bringing his dead dog to life.tin

While the "3d" offering isn't nearly as exciting or impressive as other "blu-ray3d" releases from BV, it still has its moments, and even easier to recommend for purchase for those not already owning previous "non-3d" formats of this release.