PARAMOUNT has released "NORBIT" on dvd, blu-ray and hd-dvd formats.  While Eddie Murphy has provided a great performance in "DREAMGIRLS", and Thandie Newton in "CRASH," as well as Cuba Gooding, Jr, in "JERRY MAGUIRE," all of them can't save "NORBIT" from being painful to watch, save for the youngest viewers who've never seen the tired jokes that permeate virtually every scene in the film.  Murphy plays "Norbit" a nerdy, but not "bright" orphan in love with beautiful Thandie Newton. Murphy also plays "Rasputia," a mean-spirited fat lady, he's about to marry. Why does an actor deserve any credit for putting on costumes and playing more than role? Sure, Peter Sellers played multiple roles in many films, but he never required a fat suit to do so, and his performances, as well as the scripts, were terrific.  Murphy has been doing this since "COMING TO AMERICA," and this trait is the least impressive one belonging to him. It's not like he's the make-up designer and invented the latex molds!  "ANYONE" can be made over!  There's nothing in "either" of his performances that sparks of originality. The "NORBIT" role is painful to watch and makes it look like he didn't even want to try anything new here.

The script is filled with awful stereotypes and obvious fat jokes, that are never funny.  Of course, the youngest members of an audience might find these jokes, akin to potty humor, (without humor)funny, but no one else. 

PARAMOUNT has provided a 1080p/MPEG-4 transfer with the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio.  It's not one of the more impressive blu-ray releases available.  Colors are far from solid, typically oversaturated, and providing an image that needs to be toned down with one's individual video options on their lcd or plasma, as was the case with this reviewer's monitor.  Detail is adequate, but never "eye-popping" as high def imagery is supposed to be!

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. While there are some fun discrete effects found in side and surround speakers, and the pop score moments are boosted through all speakers, much of the film's mix is dull and uneventful.  Dialogue isn't as well balanced as found on many superior PARAMOUNT blu-ray releases, causing this reviewer to rely on subtitles for a few scenes, or resort to turning up the volume.

There are some featurettes, and deleted scenes, none of which add to the film's entertainment value.