One of the best comedy series ever, "THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW" already had its first season released on dvd years ago. Sales must not have been too impressive, as following seasons hadn't been released. However, thankfully, for some reason, SONY has decided to release many more episodes from various seasons in "NOT JUST THE BEST OF THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW."  Gary Shandling stars as a late-night tv show host, in this HBO series.  While he's great, everyone in memorable here. Rip Torn often steals the show, that is unless, Jeffrey Tambor as Hank, is doing so! This show is one of the few instances, like "SEINFELD" where it's impossible to imagine anyone else playing the roles here.  The writing to the series and "every" episode featured here, is first-rate. Even upon multiple viewings, each episode induces great laughs. When Torn tells Larry that a female tv exec reminds him of someone he strangled during the Korean war, the joke loses none of its humor when repeated by Larry later on!

While all of the episodes seem to bridge together without any gap in plot progression, it's a shame each episode from each season isn't available as of yet. Thankfully, not one episode here is less than hilarious.

SONY has provided the correct full-frame ratio.  While it looks less grainy than the previous "FIRST SEASON" offering, there's still plenty of grain. Some critics argue this was an intentional design for the show, but the image still lacks the kind of crystal clarity one expects from the better transfers of SONY. Colors are solid, though somewhat dull when featuring the "off-the-air" storyline.  Again, the image is a noticeable improvement over the previous dvd presentation for the first season.

SONY has provided a Dolby 2.0 mix.  While unremarkable, there is some minor separation for the front soundstage and the dynamic range is fine, without any distortion. It is a little annoying to find only a "spanish" subtitle option is available.

SONY has loaded this release with extras!  There are deleted scenes, "visits" with guests, and interviews. Commentaries are just as hilarious as the individual episodes!  The series finale is included as well as a terrific documentary. Perhaps, the best extra is the "writer's process" feature, offering insight into the writing process. SPECTACULAR!!!