Although it failed at the box-office and in its previous dvd release, COLUMBIA TRISTAR has remastered “THE ONE” for its “SUPERBIT” collection.  James Wong, veteran from “THE X FILES” and “FINAL DESTINATION”, has created an entertaining, if light on believability, sci-fi action-thriller.  Jet Li stars as several aspects of the same character.  “THE ONE” assumes the premise there are multiple dimensions co-existing with one another, and that there each dimension possesses an alternate version of the same individual.  So, the film’s main character has an evil version killing his alternate versions and assuming their inner power.  The numbers of alternate versions of this character are being killed, and soon enough there are two left utilizing a wormhole to travel and prevent their pending elimination.
Li does a decent job here, and the “MATRIX-like) special effects make it easy to overlook giant holes in the plot. Also, like “THE MATRIX”, there are some incredible stunts here.
While the previous release of “THE ONE” was impressive, it had extras that clearly took up bit space.

As “SUPERBIT” titles eliminate extras, freeing more space for less compression, the results here are close to jaw-dropping at times.  The overall look of this transfer is amazing. Colors are extremely solid, and detail is flawless!  Even in the darkest scenes, there’s incredible detail.  Fleshtones appear natural throughout.

Again, living up to the “SUPERBIT” tradition, both a “DTS” and “Dolby Digital” 5.1 mix is offered.  This is an aggressive mix, and there are numerous directional/panning effects throughout the film.  The music is a disappointment, however, and the heavy metal track is awful.  Still, when effects kick in, it creates quite an impact.  Both the Dolby Digital and DTS mixes are excellent, however the “DTS”  mix offers better bass and “LFE” effects.  Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.