ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has finally given Sam Peckinpah’s last film,
“THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND” the justice it deserves. While many of the
director’s earlir films may have arguably deserved criticism, that’s
not the case here! “THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND” is a fine, intelligent,
tense, well-acted thriller.  Based on the Robert Ludlam novel, it
still requires an intelligent viewer and some patience, but it’s
often brilliant, and in the end, powerful.
Dennis Hopper, Rutger Hauer, Burt Lancaster and John Hurt star, but
it’s the tight direction that really sticks out in this film.  It’s
one hell of a swan song for the director, and should not be missed.
The complex plot revolves around a weekend gathering of old friends,
some of whom have dark secrets, and one of whom may be responsible
for a brutal murder in the past. Revenge is the goal, but twists upon
twists, human error and human tragedy tend to win out in this thought
provoking drama.
ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has released this as a two-disc
presentation. The theatrical version is presented on disc 1 in 1.85:1
with 16:9 enhancement. The colors are solid, and it has a slick
production design that really captivates the audience, despite its
semi-“dated” ‘80s look.  Contrast is excellent, with deep blacks and
grays. Fleshtones appear natural throughout.
Four Peckinpah scholars provide running commentary as an option. It’s
engrossing, and full of tidbits of filmlore for students.  The 2nd
disc offers a terrific documentary, following the film’s troubled
development, alongside Peckinpah’s troubled final years. There are
great interviews with cast, producers, agents and more!
The “initial” theatrical presentation is also presented, although
it’s in drastically poor condition when compared to the theatrical
one.  It’s also full-frame.  Many of the scenes that were cut,
particularly the film’s “extended” opening sequence, were rightfully
ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has provided a sensational Dolby Digital 5.1
mix. While not overly aggressive, it offers some subtle atmospheric
effects that add greatly to the film’s mood. The DTS mix, however, is even better!

The original monaural
mix is also available. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!!!