SRP $24.96 1.85:1(16:9) MONO SONY

While "THE PASSENGER" has rightly been deemed a work of art by many critics, many Nicholson fans will probably be disappointed that "THE PASSENGER" is not at all the suspense thriller, that its ads and opening narrative suggest it will be.  Nicholson plays a bored journalist, whom after finding out that his friend has died in a hotel room next to his, decides to assume his identity.  Things get difficult for him and his new life, as his friend's occupation was that of an arms dealer.  What could be a thriller instead is an excuse for Antonioni to create beautiful, meditative scenes, with sparse dialogue and absolutely zero suspense. The acting, direction and cinematography are all great. But, it plays much like a Bertolucci film but with less plot.

SONY has preserved the film's 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement. It's a decent image, however, grain is always present. Colors are solid and there are deep blacks.

SONY has provided the original mono mix. While the soundtrack doesn't stand out, there's no distortion and no need for surround pans.

SONY has included two commentaries.  The better of the two, with Nicholson, offers real insight into what the director's trying to achieve. The weaker of the two, features the screenwriter and a journalist. It's far less intriguing than the film.