SRP $27.98 2.35:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 MGM

Milo Ventimiglia stars in "PATHOLOGY," as a medical student, recently assigned to become part of the country's top pathology program.  Unfortunately, his fellow students are serial killers, thrilled by using their forensic skills to commit horrible murders and escape detection. Of course, the irony to the plot, revolves around the students not being pure "evil," as they're only killing really "bad" criminals, to perfect their skills in forensics. But, this isn't in the same league as "THE STAR CHAMBER," which in some ways, dealt with a similar idea.  Promoted as being from the creators of "CRANK," this may not be the highest accolade possible for a film!  Still, fans of gore will enjoy the gruesome depictions popping up throughout the film, and there are actually a few good thrills. Unfortunately, there's just no character that a viewer can really like. The main character, Ted, just isn't that appealing or sympathetic. And, unfortunately, there's far too little of his beautiful fiance,(Alyssa Milano) in the film to even promote the film as a guilty pleasure by her fans.

MGM has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this 16:9 enhanced dvd. Colors are solid throughout, and although there are some moments wherein the colors are dull, it's intentionally related to the cool atmosphere depicted.  Grain pops up infrequently, but is never intrusive. Blacks and grays are decent, and darker scenes generally offer fine detail.

MGM has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.  Surrounds kick in for some effective thrills at key moments, but ambient effects aren't utilized well, and bass is virtually non-existent.

A commentary with the director and co-writers is actually kind of interesting, but only entertaining for die-hard fans of the film(if those exist!).  A featurette and brief interview with a pathologist, is offered.