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Pioneer Special Edition


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PSE97103 $119.98 C/S/D UPC 013023524866 Feature=133 min  Supplement=92 min 1.85:1 PARAMOUNT PIONEER DOLBY SURROUND

This "Special Edition" lives up to its description, it's special in every way.  To begin with, this supplementary-stocked  release is contained in a coffee-table book, designed well enough to be an art object and the source of  much conversation.   It's extremely colorful and graphically illustrated.  Contained within it:  the shooting script along with Ken Kesey's actual script, and many other essays, notes and photos pertaining to the film.  The actual disc is also excellent.   The transfer actually has a slight advantage in color range over the DVD, although not having the same definition quality.  The aspect ratio is correct with 1.85:1 framing.  The audio commentary provided by Milos Forman is extremely educational for aspiring film makers, and entertaining for fans of  the film.  Although there are long lapses in conversation, Forman has a great deal to say about his techniques and how he obtains the performances he frequently gets from his cast.  Following the film, there's an outstanding documentary that goes into even more detail about the films evolution, complete with interviews and more.