SRP $27.98 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL/DTS 5.1   FOX

Director John McTiernen has proven to be a great action director,
excluding “CHAIN REACTION.”  “PREDATOR” borders on being too
comic-book-like at times to be held in the same regard as the “ALIEN”
series, but it’s great fun all the same.  Schwarzaneggar and Carl
Weathers lead a team of soldiers on a mission to rescue a kidnap
victim within the jungles of another country.  While there, they
encounter an alien hunter, equipped with numerous weapons and killing
skills, including the ability to become invisible.  One by one, they
begin getting picked off. 
Not much of a plot, however, it’s a well-paced, highly suspenseful
and entertaining film.
FOX has preserved the film’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9
enhancement.  It’s actually sharper than the two previous versions
available. Colors vary in their intensity, sometimes veering towards
a darker forest look. Still, they’re rich enough and more vibrant
than in previous releases. Contrast is excellent, offering deep
blacks and grays.  Fleshtones appear natural.
FOX has provided both a Dolby Digital and DTS mix.  The DTS mix is
clearly superior, with better overall fidelity. While not a non-stop
surround buffet, there are plenty of engaging surround/directional
effects, and they assist in the film’s tense environment.  Bass isn’t
as sharp as we’re used to on other DTS releases, but it’s suitable.
Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.
FOX has included various extras, including trailers for “ALIEN VS.
PREDATOR” and “ALIEN QUADROLOGY”.  There are also some outtakes and a
deleted scene.
In spite of McTiernan providing a commentary, it’s disappointing.
There are plenty of lulls and it’s just not engaging. 
Although too short, the “PREDATOR SPECIAL EFFECTS” featurette is
terrific, as is the documentary about the film’s production.