ARTISAN has plenty of “B” horror films in its dvd library, and some are better than others.  “PROM NIGHT 3: THE LAST KISS” is better than most “B” films of recent memory.  In this entry, Mary Lou literally escapes from hell, embarking on a hellish journey at Hamilton High School, where she dispatches the adversaries (fellow schoolmates) of her love interest, Alex, to an untimely, gruesome death.  “PROM NIGHT 3” works pretty well as a fun/scary teen flick.  It’s not trying to be “Carrie” so it works well enough as it stands.  While the blend of humor and horror doesn’t always work, it does so enough to provide a few laughs and uneasy moments. 

ARTISAN didn’t put much into the 1.33:1 transfer, as the color quality varies from scene to scene, often not appearing much better than video. Contrast is only adequate, with detail being lost in darker scenes.

ARTISAN has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix.  There is some minor separation, but fidelity is limited. Surround is used almost exclusively for the music. Dialogue is always intelligible. 

ARTISAN has included “PROM NIGHT 4: DELIVER US FROM EVIL” as the 2nd part of this double feature.  While the “3rd) film has a semblance of originality, “4” doesn’t! All of it seems ridiculous and its plot, a crazy priest has turned a monastery into a summer vacation home, with predictably horrifying results. No one in the film acts even slightly reasonable, so the only enjoyment of it is seeing some of these idiots taken out of their and the “viewer’s” misery!

ARTISAN has again provided a full-frame release. “4” appears much grainier than its predecessor.  It’s still better than VHS, but only slightly. Colors vary in quality.

ARTISAN has provided another Dolby Digital 2.0 mix for this release, and while the soundtrack’s music is well complimented, fidelity is otherwise limited.  There are some separation effects, limited to the front soundstage. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.