SRP $14.99 1.85:1(16:9) MONO PARAMOUNT

Burt Lancaster and Katherine Hepburn star in "THE RAINMAKER", a terrific romantic-drama that still holds its magic fifty years later.  Lancaster plays Bill Starbuck, a traveling con man working the plains of the West, selling his "gift" at making rain for the farmers so desperately in need of it.  Hepburn plays Lizzie Curry, a plain-looking woman who desires to find someone and get married, almost as much as her father does! Unfortunately, the sheriff showing interest in her, doesn't show enough interest. But, things begin to change when Starbuck shows up. Or is he just conning her too? Adapted from a play, "THE RAINMAKER" feels like a play at times, although it's been opened up quite a bit, eg. a car ride sequence. (the car goes in circles however!) But, it doesn't feel cramped, only magical. "THE RAINMAKER" is a classic and worthy of being in any dvd collection.

PARAMOUNT has preserved the film's correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement.  Colors are solid, preserving the film's memorable look.  Grain is problematic at times, and contrast isn't up to par in some darker scenes. Still, it's a decent transfer overall.

PARAMOUNT offers a mono mix with fine fidelity. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.