It’s really disheartening to know there are so many talented, aspiring directors, struggling to find good work, yet Brett Ratner is consistently finding big projects.  With the exception of “AFTER THE SUN”, everything this guy has done is crap!  His completely unnecessary take on novelist Thomas Harris’ first Hannibal Lector” novel, “RED DRAGON”, is hard to watch and ultimately insulting to anyone who’s already seen the vastly superior version by Michael Mann, “MANHUNTER”. 

UNIVERSAL has preserved the film’s correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  The image is noticeably superior to the standard dvd, offering more vibrant colors, even with a generally dark production design.  There is great depth in almost every scene, and never a hint of oversaturation.  Blacks and grays are perfectly distinguishable. 

UNIVERSAL has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix.  While the dvd was aggressive enough, this HD-DVD mix actually improves upon the standard 5.1 mix on every level.  The highs and lows have better range here and surround involvement is increased. 

All of the extras from the dvd have been carried over here.