SRP $69.95 1.33:1 DOLBY STEREO A&E

While A&E is responsible for many outstanding series having been released on dvd, "REILLY: ACE OF SPIES" certainly ranks among the best. With the series running over ten hours in total, it's due to the great story at hand(based on fact), incredible acting and directing, that it never feels slow.  James Bond creator, Ian Fleming credited the British spy, Sidney Reilly as being his inspiration for his famous character.  After watching just one episode, it's easy to feel that even the best Bond film can't compete with the action found in Reilly's real-life adventures.

A&E has released the entire 12 part series over four discs. 

A&E has preserved the show's original 1.33:1 ratio. Unfortunately, the image is only adequate.  Colors are often more dull than one would wish, and detail is below the quality typically found on even older series, remasted for dvd by A&E. 

A&E has presented the original stereo mix.  It's an uneven mix. Sometimes the fidelity is fine, and at other times, it's limited. There are also some minor synch problems in spots. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

A&E has included a great episode from the network's "VANISHING" series. This one, "LIFE OF REILLY, THE SUPER SPY" is self-explanatory. But, it's one of the best of its kind and well worth watching "after" the series has ended.