Resident Evil BRAY Cover Art
SRP $28.95 1.85:1 DOLBY TrueHD 5.1 SONY

The fact that the sequels following "RESIDENT EVIL" were better than the original, still doesn't mean that much. None of them offer anything that comes close to transcending the genre, and the fact that all had at least decent budgets, means one should've expected at least some of that money should have gone to better writers.  Adapted from a video game, "RESIDENT EVIL" introduces audiences to a character continually reprised by Milla Jovovich, as a tough as nails heroine battling horrors unleashed by corporate baddies within the "hive," an underground top secret laboratory.  Plenty of things are blown to bits, eaten alive or worse(worse???), but there's no real surprises within the narrative, and even the special effects get redundant after a few times from different angles.

SONY has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for the 1080p blu-ray release.  While it offers notably better clarity over any of the previous dvds, the overall depth of this release doesn't rank it anywhere close to the dazzling level of many other superior SONY blu-ray transfers. Detail in text and graphics are much sharper, but there's a continual soft look that permeates most of the film. There are plenty of dark scenes, and contrast holds up well here, but, again not the high level of more recent Sony blu-ray releases.

SONY has provided a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix.  Marilyn Manson is credited as a co-composer of the score. While not bad, it's not all that good either, and definitely shouldn't be upstaging the dialogue and effects, which it often does here.  When there are scenes with better balance, surrounds kick in with impact. The TrueHD offers great dynamic range, and there are some fun moments due to it, but, this release still doesn't rank up there with so many superior recent SONY blu-ray releases.

SONY has provided plenty of extras, including:  numerous(short featurettes, a music video and commentaries).  SONY has also included Blu-wizard, allowing the option to view selected extras alongside the actual film.