Whatever rumors exist about the lack of friendship between Bruce Ward and Adam West, they display a rare and incredible sense of camaraderie in "RETURN TO THE BATCAVE" from ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT. It's very hard to find a made-for-tv movie retrospective that works, but this is an exception. Sure, the premise, having the actors work together, sifting through clues to find out who stole the famous "Batmobile" from its museum, is a little corny. But, it does provide a logical way for the actors to reminisce about the show's development and production. There are some great stories within, and it's one of the best shows of its kind.  Skillfully, the magic of the original tv series, nostalgia for a simpler time, and the craziness of Hollywood, all blend together in making this a "mockumentary" worth seeking out!

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has provided a 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9 enhancement. Colors are bold and vibrant throughout. The show really has high production values and colors are impressive. There is minimal grain.

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has provided a Dolby Digital Stereo mix, that is adequate, without any distortion.